Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet (Black 16oz 12 (in) Wide x 100′ (ft) Long)

High Quality Universal Bunk Carpet


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16oz. (12″in Wide) and 20oz(24″in Wide Marine Trailer Bunk Carpet can be used for just about any indoor/outdoor application. Quality discount carpet that is rubber backed fade resistant and ravel resistant. Durable easy to handle and install. 1 Unbolt and remove existing bunk boards from trailer. Take the existing bunk carpet off and sand away any glue or debris before applying new carpet. Examine the old bunk boards for damage. Replace if needed. 2 Measure the size of your boat bunks to determine the amount of bunk carpet you will need. 3 We highly recommend to staple your new bunk carpeting. This will help preserve your bunk carpet 4 Before carpeting your trailer bunks take the bolts used to secure your bunks to your trailer and insert them into your already drilled out holes on your bunk board. 5 Unroll and layout your new carpet (which you have already cut to size) with the rubber backing facing up. Place the bunk board evenly right to the edge of the laid out carpet. Leaving enough carpet on either end to completely wrap each end of your bunk. Hold the carpet to the board and start to roll the new carpet onto the bunk board. Staple down the first side. Then roll the board until it is completely covered. When you get to this point take a staple gun and apply staples every 2 to 3 inches along the bottom of the bunk board. This will ensure a secure and snug fit. If measured correctly when cut there should be about 2 inches or so of carpet left to overlap the first initial bottom side staple down this excess carpet on top of the existing carpet. 6 Take the newly wrapped bunk board and place it with the bottom side up one last time and use the excess carpet you have already accounted for at either end and wrap securing with glue or staples. Overlap and secure the excess carpet to the bottom side of the bunk. 7 Repeat steps for remaining bunks. High Quality Universal Bunk Carpet
Heavy Duty Boat Bunk Carpeting Not your regular 16oz or 12oz Bunk Carpeting will last longer
Ravel Resistant Unlike other boat carpeting this carpet will not unravel over time
Superior Rubber Backing Allowing your boat deck to dry out faster helping prevent mold and mildew
Extremely Pliable and easy to cut

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